GREENpro is a long time player in placing SAP consultants to a number of companies both in India and abroad.

Our Educational Services are aims a student from their formative ages
so that they may come
under ....

GREENpro provides Professional training for : Industry-Institute Interface Programme, Japanese Quality Improvement Initiatives, etc.
We are in the IT market for the past 7 +yrs. and we concentrate mainly on Online Repair / Services Sales and Services from Desktop to Laptops.
SAP Placement Services  -  Educational Services  - &nbspProfessional Training  - &nbspSoft Skills Training
Following training programmes are conducted:
Basic English Training
Basic Computer Training
Spoken English Training
Voice and Accent Training
Our Educational Services are aims to mould a student from their formative ages so that they may come under our CATCH THEM YOUNG programme. It is NEVER late to mend. The students still have time to correct them and reach a targeted goal of their career.
As a value addition to our Placement service, we serve the candidates with the following:
Basic Computer Skills
Basic Language Skills
Basic Leadership Skills
Enrolling them for Professional Membership
Help them prepare professional resumes
Improving Interview skills
Improving English language skills
Improving Leadership skills
Personality Development
Dress code
Negotiation skills
Motivating them for a better career
Many more.
You can send your resumes to md@greenpro.net